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Analysis of Blink Data Behaviour Between Male and Female Adult Readers of English Text


This study intended to clarify the ambiguity around gender differences during electronic English reading. Through determining a correlation amongst blink eye movement behaviour and gender. The study reviewed blink behaviour between 16 participants (n=11) male and (n=5) female participants during a silent electronic English reading task. Using a standardised white background and black font comprising three reading slides. Eye parameters measured were (i) blink count, (ii) blink duration and (iii) blink frequency. Despite previous literature published, it was found during this study that no significant results were reported amongst the two groups for the three parameters examined. This study contributes that gender does not correlate with blink behaviour during reading, therefore both groups responded the same when viewing the reading stimuli. Furthermore, it was also found that the format of material should be considered i.e., hardcopy vs electronic when conducting further research.  As these, amongst other factors such as stress and fatigue are identified to influence blink behaviour in male and female readers. Further investigation into this area includes exploration into alternative cognitive eye movement parameters such as pupil diameter.

Louise Tooze (2022) Analysis of Blink Data Behaviour Between Male and Female Adult Readers of English Text, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.10, No.8, pp.43-57

Keywords: Gender differences, Reading, blink behaviour, eye tracking

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