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Nurturing Youths Entrepreneurial Mindset and National Development: A Critical Analysis


This paper Nurturing Youths Entrepreneurial Mindset and National Development: A Critical Analysis interrogates and explores the role of youths in national development. The problem that spurs this investigation is evidenced in high level of unemployment among Nigerian youths. Many Nigerian graduates are roaming the streets looking for paid jobs while host of other youths engage in various criminal activities and odd jobs as a means of livelihood. These includes: kidnapping, internet fraud, robbery, prostitution, etc. The paper observed that Nigerian youths pay little or no attention to entrepreneurship, thereby leaving them without employment. The paper identified the development of entrepreneur culture, science of self-realization, discover the needs of your environment, confront the obstacle etc as some of the factors that will enable youths to direct their mindset toward entrepreneurship. It identified the benefits of youth entrepreneur to include both personal and public benefit. The paper therefore recommends that Nigerian youths should shun all social vices such as kidnapping, armed robbery, prostitution, internet fraud/ cyber crime etc. Nigerian youths should be nurtured, mentored and guided towards possessing adequate entrepreneurial mindset. The government should as a matter of important provide the enabling environment for business start-ups so that the youths will be economically engage, thereby developing themselves and the society in which they live.

Keywords: Entrepreneur, National Development, Youth

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