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Healthcare Service Quality and in-Patients’ Satisfaction: an Empirical Investigation on Healthscape’s Tangible Quality


The rationale of this descriptive research is to spot the foremost determinant factors that frame healthscapes’ tangible quality and in-patients’ satisfaction in elite private hospitals in Dhaka. The study utilized simple random sampling technique to select 366 samples. The inner consistency and reliability were examined utilizing Cronbach’s Alpha reliability estimate. To test the sample adequacy, the author conducted the KMO test and Bartlett’s test of sphericity. Multiple regression analysis was carried out to predict relative contributions of predictors to predicted variable. The findings of the regression analysis supported the hypotheses concerning the rapport between the independent and the dependent variables. Moreover, the study was limited to four elite private hospitals with premium facilities and these hospitals are situated in the urban Dhaka. Additionally, the survey focused exclusively on in-patients. These patients resided no less than one night in cabins and persuaded either major or minor surgeries. Therefore, the research outcomes may not be directly applied to patients reside in other cities or the cities in other countries. Hence, further research may reassess tangible quality-satisfaction rapport in the context of healthcare receivers’ prior experience, demographic profile and the cost of service. The author moreover encouraged inspecting the impact of mediating variables like patients’ trust and their emotional attachment in this rapport.

Keywords: In-Patient Satisfaction, Private Healthcare, Tangible Quality

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