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Legislative Views of Men Regarding Women’s Politics in Mandailing Natal District


Mandailing Natal is one of the Regencies which includes the minimal choice of women in the legislature, but the thing that is very interesting for the authors to raise this research is that Assembly at regional (DPRD) leadership is a woman. The position of women as legislative leaders is still a rare thing in Indonesia. Based on the determination of seats and elected candidates, the seats of DPRD of Madina from five electoral districts (Dapem) were only obtained by 11 political parties, namely: Nasional Demokrasi Party (NASDEM), Kebangkitan Bangsa Party (PKB), Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan Party (PDIP), Golongan Karya  (GOLKAR), Gerakan Indonesia Raya Party (GERINDRA), Demokrasi Rakyat Party (DEMOKRAT), Amanat Nasional Party (PAN), Persatuan Pembangunan Party (PPP), Hati Nurani Rakyat Party (HANURA), Bulan Bintang Party (PBB), Keadilan dan Persatuan Indonesia Party (PKPI). and only 3 people represent women or only 7.7%. Namely Leli Hartati (HANURA), Melati Nur (PKB), Riadoh Rangkuti (PKB). Compared with the choice of women in the 2009-2014 legislative elections, only 2 were represented by women sitting in the Madina DPRD building, namely Siti Aisyah Nafsa from the Golkar Party from Dapem I and Aminah Ismail Lubis from the Nusantara Republika Party from Dapem II , or around 5%. Women’s representation does indeed increase even though it is very little.

Keywords: Legislative Views; Politics; Mandailing Natal District

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