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Areas of Male Dominance: Experiences of Married Women in the Mozano Community in Ghana


The purpose of this study was to assess the experiences of married women on male dominance in Mozano Community in the Central Region of Ghana. The study therefore sought to ascertain the ways married men dominate their wives. Qualitatively, phenomenological design with one-on-one interviews and focus group discussions were employed for collection of data. The population for the study was the married couples in Mozano community. Since Mozano attracts pilgrims and visitors on daily basis, only couples who attend Mozama Disco Christo Church (MDCC) and are permanent residents in Mozano were purposively sampled for the study. In terms of the study, the researchers ensured that the participants meet the following inclusion criteria: (1) availability and willingness to participate in the study; (2) couples who have married for five years and above; and (3) permanent residents in Mozano who attend the MDCC. The study involved 20 participants. This comprised fifteen married women and five married men who were heads of their households. The study revealed that most men dominate their wives in the area of reproduction because most women are ignorant of their reproductive rights.  Most men decide on the number of times they will have sex, the number of children they will have and when to have a child without the consent of their wives. Most men see no need to involve their wives in decision making because they think women on their own cannot take or contribute to any meaningful or responsible decision. Religious factors and the doctrines of the MDCC have contributed to male dominance on married women in the community and lack of descent and profitable jobs for women in the community have made them to be dominated by their husbands. It was therefore recommended that married women in the Mozano community should make a personal choice to develop their capabilities to the maximum degree without regard for culturally and religious obstacles. There is also the need for gender education by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to organise seminars and symposia for men in the Mozano community on the need to involve their wives in decision making at all levels.

Keywords: Ghana, Male Dominance, Married Women, Mozano Community, Women Empowerment

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