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The Elderly Problems and Policies in China: A Comparison with Japan


This research was conducted qualitatively through review, analysis, and comparison of Chinese and Japanese policies regarding elderly policy. The methodology used in this study was literature analysis. Data on elderly population were collected from World Bank website and elderly policy documents were from a government website. The study aimed to (1) find out about the aging problem in China, (2) compare the policies on the elderly in China and Japan, and (3) provide policy recommendations for the Chinese government. The results showed that China has three main aging problems: (1) an increasing of demand for medical treatment, (2) the empty-nest family problem, and (3) increasing pressure on long-term nursing services. Many elderly policies have long been implemented but are not efficient. Japan was selected to do a comparison because Japan is a super-aged country and it has good experience to cope with aging problems. Through combining the situation of China, the Chinese government should create the way which pay attention to the improvement of policies for the elderly and implement target measures for all levels of aging.

Keywords: Aging-Related Problem, China, Healthcare Policy, Japan, Old People

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