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Africa in the eyes of Cable Network News (CNN) AND Aljazeera: A comparative analysis


The thrust of this study was to ascertain the frequency and nature of coverage given to the African region by CNN and Aljazeera. The objectives however were predicated on the ideology that the mass media can facilitate global peace and understanding through meaningful exchange of information and ideas. The news programmes of CNN and Aljazeera were content analysed for fifteen (15) days with a view to streamlining the pattern of coverage given to Africa by the two networks. Analysis was done quantitatively and qualitatively. Inter-coder reliability showed a correlation of r=86. Data revealed that much of Africa was not reported by CNN in contradistinction to Aljazeera. It was further found that CNN had a preponderance of unfavourable news (75%) while Aljazeera had a fairly equitable distribution of 47% across the favourable and unfavourable categories. A synthesis of the data showed Aljazeera to be more favourably disposed towards the reportage of Africa. It was however recommended that global news media should enrich their portals with penetration. This no doubt will ensure the coverage of areas considered too distant to reach. It was further recommended that there should be an emerging drive by the governments of African countries to develop communication facilities that will help launch Africa to the world so as to break the dependency on global media

Keywords: Africa, Aljazeera, CNN, Global media, News flow

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