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Religious Fundamentalism in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Boko – Haram Challenge to Peace and Stability in Nigeria


Since the outbreak of demonstrations and up-risings in the Arab world, which started in Tunisia in 2010 against harsh social and economic life of the people that brought about the overthrow of the government, several other countries such as Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen have fallen victim with their sight-tight leaders overthrown or under the threat of forceful removal from power. This paper seeks to examine the effects of the Arab-uprisings on sub-Sahara Africa with particular focus on the challenges of the Boko-Haram uprisings in Nigeria and the danger posed by the conflict to the peace and stability of Nigeria, the sub-region, Africa and indeed, the world. The paper further examines the context under which the Boko-Haram up-rising emerged. Also political, social and economic dimensions of the uprising have been highlighted with a view to situating the crisis as mainly a social rebellion against the failures of government policies of providing social justice and economic welfare of the people and the excruciating poverty ravaging the Nigerian society. Efforts have been made to link the crisis to the prevailing politics of exclusion disenfranchisement and alienation of Nigerians. The paper has further maintained that unlike the 1981 Maitatsine up-rising in Kano, which was limited to Kano environ, the Boko-Haram crises is spreading due to the failure of the government’s social contract with the people in providing gainful employment and failure of basic infrastructure. Politics in Nigeria rather than being an avenue of friendship has been turned into an arena for primitive accumulation and massive training of armed thugs. The paper has adopted the popular conflict theory as a theoretical framework. The theory posits that popular conflict of Boko-Haram nature emerges in conditions where state structures are especially weak and leaders capricious


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