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Work Orientation of Employees in Tourism Businesses in Tanay, Rizal


In a competitive environment organizations are turning towards an important internal wealth, their employees. Because satisfied employees are considered to perform and stay loyal, the present paper examines the viewpoints in the literature regarding job satisfaction, work orientation and delimits the need to address the variables which influence and explain the high and low satisfaction for the specific labor market. Additionally, the author aim to discuss the variable differences between the public and the private sector. The Grounded Theory methodology was chosen due to its ability to extract theory from data. The qualitative research focused on 20 in-depth semi-structured studies with employees from the different public and private tourist destinations. After a thorough analysis, three (3) main job satisfaction variables emerged with sub-elements. All 36 determinants were included in a new honeycomb model of work orientation variables which offers a strategic perspective for human resource management strategies that will help the tourism industry in the municipality of Tanay, Rizal

Keywords: ecotourism; resource manager perspective; operator perspective; visitor perspective; protected areas; sensitive management; motivation; Philippines; Luzon Island; nature-related tourism.

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