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Study Characterization of 〖Co〗_(0.3 ) 〖Zn〗_(0.7) 〖Fe〗_2 O_4 Nanoparticles by Co-Precipitation Method Within Two Techniques


The nanocrystalline  synthesized  by  the Co-precipitation method with two techniques based on different in initial molar concentration (pH suspension).The  structural and  magnetic  properties  of the  products  were  determined  and  characterized  in  detail  by  X-ray  diffraction  (XRD),  High Resolution -Transmission Electron Microscope (HR-TEM) , Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and  vibrating  sample  magnetometer (VSM). The results suggest the grain size for first technique in the range of 6.14 : 13 nm and  second technique in the range of 8.8: 24.4 nm as the calcination temperature increases from 100 to 600°C respectively with different in initial molar concentration (pH suspension) for all techniques. X-ray analysis showed that the samples were  cubic  spinel structural ( kind  of  inverse  spinel  oxide).The crystallinity is improved with the  increases calcination temperature  for all techniques and that proved by the FT-IR  &  XRD results and compound  purity fabricated. HR-TEM analysis showed that nanoparticles size and the shape based on the initial molar concentration (pH suspension) & the calcination temperatures and also indicates that degree of agglomeration for all samples. VSM analysis showed that all the coercivity values were low enough to emphasize that the ferrite was a soft ferrite or super-paramagnetic behavior for most samples.

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