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Arbitrage in Port Operation and Maritime Performance in Nigeria


The study examined arbitrage in port operation and maritime performance for period of (32) years spanning through 1990 to 2022. The independent variable employed in study (INFRSK), (EXCHR), (MNSP), and (TRB) meanwhile, the dependent variable is MRTGDP. Data were collected from CBN Statistical bulletin 2022. The study adopts the OLS methodology. Data set was described using descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and inferential analysis. The finding shows EXCHR and TRB have positive and significant relationship with MRTGDP while INFRSK and MNSP disclose negative relationship with MRTGDP. The study further recommends that stable macroeconomic policies should be adopted by port operators in order to maintain the macrocosmic risk variables, such as the rate of inflation, the value of the dollar, and the rate of Treasury bills, at a level that is helpful and consistent with marine performances. Also Despite the limited progress that has been made thus far, economic volatility has remained the biggest threat to the performance of the maritime industry. As a result, we offer strategic recommendations for driving port operating arbitrage.

Keywords: Exchange Rate, Inflation Rate, Money Supply, arbitrage., maritime performance, port operations

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