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The Arab Woman in Confrontation with The Forbidden Trinity


The oppressive reality of the Arab woman has undoubtedly made Arab feminist literature its own features. The woman’s search for freedom is undoubtedly more able to express her injustice and oppression than the man because she suffers most from tyranny and oppression. Thus, feminist literature is the best experience for the woman to extract her rights, restore her deprived freedom through writing, raise her voice and exercise the freedom of expression that she has been deprived of for so long. She took out her pen and started “talking like Shahrazad”, reveʿAling with her tongue her experiences and desires, and expressing her concerns and pains. In recent years, she is no longer writing to defend what has been stolen from her demanding change and freedom. Writing for her is no longer a defensive device, but an offensive system in which she condemns and retʿAliates against the man. In her revolutionary feminist narrative, she demonstrated her offensive tendency against all the taboos of the forbidden trinity: politics, religion, and sex, and demonstrated a clear challenge to social norms as well as the literary norms that were established by the masculine establishment. This study, therefore, shows how Arab women writers are able to break the forbidden pillars of the Forbidden Trinity by presenting each other’s experiences and testimonies in their quest to challenge this oppressing trinity and to face its censorship powers.


Keywords: Arab, confrontation, forbidden trinity, woman

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