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Environmental Sustainability for National Development in Nigeria: The Role of Mass Media


This study advocates the role of the mass media in creating increase consciousness, awareness, education and knowledge about environmental issues, problems and challenges in Nigeria. It asserts that man is environment –dependent, as such, there is need for man to be environment conscious. It also advocates a more precise, organized, and purposeful Media approach in creating environmental consciousness in the minds of the populace for national development and sustainability. . The quantitative data analysis was employed for this work. The raw data collected from respondents were presented and analyzed using simple percentages. Purposive random sampling technique was employed to select the 50 final students of Mass Communication department in Babcock University, irrespective of their genders and ethnic backgrounds, and 50 from School of Basic and Applied Sciences. The purposive in the sense that, they are knowledgeable and sound to respond to the questions properly and unbiased. Furthermore, the study also suggests multidimensional theoretical application such as: Two- step Theory, Development Media Theory and Agenda- Setting Theory of Mass Communication due to the devastating impacts of environmental pollutions in Nigeria. The study indicated that Mass Media are powerful organ, as such effective use of Mass Media can mitigate the environmental pollution in Nigeria. It concluded that the journalists should challenge the people to become engaged and take ownership of the environmental problems of the society. And, it proposes a guide-dog approach of journalism to environmental issues, problems and challenges for national development


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