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Usage of GIS in system planning and management of infrastructures projects


These days, governmental and private institutions face many challenges in the fields of service management and emergency and crisis management (transportation, roads, communications, water and electricity, urban planning, transportation, … etc) . These challenges are represented in providing quick and accurate information that helps managers making decisions for daily matters, managing resources and future planning, as well as managing crises and disasters and dealing with emergencies, which led to thinking seriously about creating programs that have the characteristics of providing information accurately and easily and linking them to services to help the decision maker, Geographic information systems provide that. This paper reviews a group of researches in various areas of services, in which researchers used geographic information systems to address problems and find appropriate solution. As the geographic information systems are distinguished by the ability to create huge data bases and link them to the phenomenon (the field of service) in a spatial manner (the location on the map of the service). The researchers recommend in the future to use the geographic information systems programs in the techniques of managing and distributing services because of its huge potential in presenting problems and shortcomings and providing ideal solutions.

Citation: Mawahib Kamal Alhaj  and  , Ashraf Gasim Elsid Abdalla  (2022) Usage of GIS in system planning and management  of infrastructures projects, European Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, Vol.10, No.4, pp.33-51

Keywords: GIS system, design support, system management, system planning, transports

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