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Influence of the crude Phenolic, Alkaloid and Terpenoid compounds extracts of Cardaria draba (Lepidium draba L.) on Human Pathogenic Bacteria


Objective: To reveal the effect of the crude phenolic, alkaloid and terpenoid compounds extracts of Cardaria draba (Lepidium draba L.) on some Human Pathogenic Bacteria. Methods: Antibacterial activities of the crude Phenolic, Alkaloid and Terpenoid of medicinal plant were determined by in vitro by agar well diffusion-method against some human pathogenic bacteria. Results: obtained results showed that active compounds of Cardaria draba (Lepidium draba L.) had wide spectrum antibacterial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.Conclusion: This study demonstrates that we can conclude that the effect of active compounds in same plant has different effect on different pathogenic organisms in different concentration.

Keywords: Antibacterial Activity; Cardaria draba (Lepidium draba L.); Pathogenic Bacteria

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