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An efficient in vitro regeneration protocol for an endangered medicinally important herb Fagopyrum dibotrys growing in Kashmir Himalaya.


The establishment of a simple and efficient protocol for shoot organogenesis and regeneration from nodal explants of Buckwheat Fagopyrum dibotrys during the present investigation has been reported. The effect of different concentrations of cytokinins (BAP) and Auxins on the efficiency of shoot organogenesis in buckwheat was confirmed. Treatment with BAP significantly induced shoot regeneration from nodal cuttings and the best results were achieved in MS basal medium supplemented with 2mgl-1BAP + 1mgl-1IBA. However the highest number of shoots per explant (3.8) and shoot length (3.36cm) were obtained on MS medium containing 3.0mg l-1 BAP. The best medium for induction of roots in the micro shoots of was MS medium adjuvanted with 2.5mgl-1IBA. The rooted plants were hardened and transferred to soil with a 72% survival rate.

Keywords: : Fagopyrum, Benzyl amino Purine, Indole butyric acid, micropropagation, nodal cuttings

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