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Emotional Labour, Conscientiousness, Career Fulfillments and Nurses


This study investigated the predictive influence of demographic factors, emotional labour and conscientiousness on career fulfillment of nurses in Ibadan. the study adopted a descriptive research design of expost -facto type . Purposive sampling technique was used to select 380 participants from three hospitals in Ibadan metropolis (male 64, female 316) three validated instruments – Emotional Labour Scale ( ELS-@0.81), Conscientiousness inventories ( CI-@0.79) and Career Fulfillment Scale (CFS-@ 0.71) were used and three research questions were answered at 0.05 level of significance. Data were analysed using Multiple Regression Analysis and Pearson Product Movement Correlation Analysis (PPMC)

The results of the study revealed that, Conscientiousness and Emotional Labour significantly correlated to the prediction of Career Fulfillment of nurses ( F (7, 372) = 36.927, p<05), which implies that 39.9 percent of the variance is accounted for by the combination of emotional labour, conscientiousness, Age, Gender, marital status, Education, length of service. The results further showed that conscientiousness has the highest contribution to career fulfillment. This is followed by emotional labour , while age, Gender marital status Education and length of service did not .

Based on the findings, it is recommended that nurses should have more ample knowledge of conscientiousness and emotional labour, because the better understanding of these variables will facilitates improved career fulfillment among the nurses


Keywords: Career Fulfillments and Nurses, Conscientiousness, Emotional Labour

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