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Effect of Intellectual Capital on Financial Performance of Listed Agricultural Firms in Nigeria


Policy redirection has been supported as the way out of the display development challenges confronting the nation. The objective of the paper is to survey the effect of macroeconomic stuns on the development of Nigeria economy. The theory appears the whether macroeconomic stuns have critical effect on the Nigeria financial development. This think about embraced Akaike Data Model (AIC) to decide the ideal slack combination for the ARDL. The slack combination with the slightest esteem of the chosen basis among the competing slack orders is considered the ideal slack. Discoveries uncovered the impacts of monetary arrangement factors on financial development of Nigeria are found to be noteworthy both within the long run and brief run particularly the center financial approach factors like government expenditure and government income conjointly affirmed the defenselessness of the Nigerian economy to outside stuns. The paper concludes that out of the two major financial arrangement factors, government income has more critical relationship with Nigerian financial development. The development rate of Nigeria is more connected to government income than expenditure. Suggestion appears that Nigerian government ought to input approaches that will upgrade nearby yield, this will diminish the helplessness of the economy to outside stuns.


Keywords: Economy, Growth, Nigeria, macroeconomic shocks

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