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Work Life Balance: A practice or Myth in Pakistan – A quantitative analysis of the factors affecting the WLB of employees of Pakistan International Airline Corporation


Today, the work life balance is a common issue at every workplace. The work life balance creates balance between the work and life includes career and the life style. It is the state of equilibrium where any person is able to get satisfies with personal and professional life. Balancing time with parents, spouse, children, friends, relatives, colleagues, supervisors and subordinates is the biggest challenge to be achieved. The empirical study gives the idea of work life balance performed in past. Work life balance has become a challenge throughout the world. The study will identify the assessment of employees about their organization from the work life balance prospective and how it is practiced at their workplace. This will also measure the level of job satisfaction of employees of the PIA in relation to their socio-economic factors. From previous studies conducted on this topic it is observed that it common how employees the challenges of how to balance their work life and personal life, despite the generally positive desire related to work life balance. Without balance in working life and personal life, it is very difficult to maintain working efficiency and control the outcomes of personal and professional life and thus in order to be satisfied, an individual must create a balance between the two.

The research aims at understanding how work life balance positively impacts the personal and professional efficiency of the employees. The objective of this research is to identify the demographic profile of employees, who are working in Airline industry, determine the factors affects work-life balance on the employees of Airline industry. A research study is conducted on the employees of the largest organization of Pakistan, namely PIAC.


Keywords: Personal Commitments, Work Life Balance, Work Place Flexibility

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