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The main purpose of this research study is to assess the influence of strategic management practices on CSR performance of parastatals in Kenya. Four specific objectives form the study and these are: to examine the effect of strategic competitive practices on CSR performance of parastatals in Kenya; to find out the effect of strategic Corporate Governance practices on CSR performance of parastatals in Kenya; to determine the effect of strategic planning practices on CSR performance of parastatals in Kenya; and finally, to establish the effect of strategic total quality management practices on CSR performance of parastatals in Kenya. The target population will be all the 115 parastatals operating in Kenya as at December 2012 but excluding the ones earmarked for scrapping, creation and merging by the government in the next six months. A cross sectional survey and quantitative research designs will be adopted for the study. The participants will be randomly selected through multi-stage sampling technique amongst the 115 parastatals in Kenya and the total sample size will be 89 parastatals. The questionnaire will be used as the data collection instrument and it will be conveyed to the respondents through drop and pick technique. One questionnaire will be administered to each sampled parastatal and, that is, either to Chief Executive Officer or the Manager of Events & External Affairs or to the finance officer, and therefore the distributed questionnaires to these top managers will produce 89 respondents. Data analysis and interpretation will be based on descriptive statistics such as measures of location (mean) and measures of dispersion (standard error mean) as well as inferential statistics mainly multi-linear regressions, Pearson correlation, factor analysis and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The hypotheses will be tested at 95 percent confidence level (level of significance, α = 0.05). Data processing and analysis will finally be done through use of quantitative techniques by SPSS Version 20

Keywords: : Strategic Management Practices, CSR performance, Parastatals

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