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Does Servant Leadership Pull the Organization out of the Quagmire through Creating Knowledge Sharing Intension among the Employees?


Higher education commission of the Pakistan (HEC) has been rising in research and development, institutes recognition and quality assurance in education since its formation. It is said that HEC’s success, survival and growing in hard time is due to its leadership. The purpose of the study is explore whether servant leadership exist in HEC and its impact on the knowledge sharing intensions among employees. The sample of the study was 150 respondents from HEC. Servant leadership was taken as independent, knowledge sharing intension dependent and knowledge sharing culture as control variable. The closed ended questionnaire base on five likert’s scale was used for the data collection. The instrument reliability and validity was checked through cronbach alpha and exploratory factor analysis. The One sample T-test was used to check whether servant leadership, knowledge culture and knowledge sharing intensions exist in HEC and hierarchal multiple regression and Pearson correlation was used to check their relationship and impact of Servant leadership on knowledge sharing intensions by controlling knowledge culture. The result of EFA and cronbach alpha shows that instrument is valid and reliable for data collection. One sample T-test shows that servant leadership style, knowledge sharing culture and knowledge sharing intension exist in HEC. The person correlation result shows that positive and high correlation among the servant leadership style, knowledge sharing culture and knowledge sharing intension among the employees. The hierarchal multiple regression result shows that servant leadership has vigorous influence on employee’s knowledge sharing intension with or without the knowledge sharing culture at 99 % confidence. It is concluded that success of the HEC and their employee’s creativity, integrity about the glory of institute and quality work is based on the servant leadership policies, working constitution and interaction with his own employees. HEC is the best example of the servant leadership, knowledge sharing culture and knowledge sharing intensions among the employees in not only for public but also model for private organization in Pakistan.


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