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Fair Value Measurement and Financial Reporting Quality of Insurance Business in Lagos State


The financial reporting qualities provides objective information that is useful to analysts in evaluating the financial soundness and prospect of a company. This paper attempts to examine the concept of fair value measurement as well as determine its influence on the financial reporting quality of items in the financial statement of insurance companies.  The study uses survey method and questionnaire as research instrument to elicit data from professional accountants in selected listed insurance companies in Lagos state, using conveniency sampling technique. The data collected were analyzed with the aid of SPSS. The study reveals that there is significant relationship between fair value measurement and the financial reporting quality and that the fair value measurement has significant influence on financial reporting quality at each level of the hierarchies. The study, therefore, concludes that the observance of the financial reporting qualities in the process of the fair value measurement would facilitate the production of corporate financial report useful to analysts in assessing a company’s performance and prospects. It, therefore, recommended that the professionals in the insurance industry should observe the qualities of financial reporting while preparing financial reports and during the process of fair value measurement. Also, it recommended that the management of insurance companies should engage valuation experts and professionals for objectivity and soundness in fair value measurement. This will lend credibility to the financial report.

Keywords: Fair Value, Financial Reporting Quality., fair value measurement, financial reporting system

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