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Ethical Considerations in the Use of AI for Auditing: Balancing Innovation and Integrity


The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into auditing practices presents both significant opportunities and ethical challenges. This research explores the ethical considerations in employing AI in auditing, focusing on the balance between harnessing innovation and maintaining integrity. The problem arises from AI’s potential to transform auditing efficiently but at the risk of introducing biases, infringing on privacy, or reducing transparency, which are critical ethical concerns in the auditing profession. The primary aim of this study is to identify and analyze the ethical challenges associated with AI in auditing, to fill the research gap concerning a comprehensive ethical framework that guides AI utilization in this field. This research employs a mixed-method approach, integrating quantitative data from surveys of auditing professionals with qualitative insights from in-depth interviews with AI ethics experts. The results reveal a significant concern among professionals about bias and decision-making transparency in AI tools. Analysis shows that while AI can streamline data processing and enhance decision-making accuracy, it also introduces complexities such as algorithmic opacity and data security concerns that can compromise ethical standards. The discussion emphasizes the need for a robust ethical framework and stricter regulatory standards to ensure AI’s responsible use in auditing. It also highlights the importance of continuous monitoring and assessment of AI systems to uphold ethical standards. While AI presents transformative potentials for auditing, it is imperative to develop stringent guidelines and ethical practices to ensure that this technological advancement does not compromise the integrity of the auditing profession.

Keywords: AI, Auditing, Integrity, balancing innovation, ethical considerations

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