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Peter James Kpolovie – Statistical Analysis with SPSS for Research

This ground-breaking book is an indispensable practical guide to the successful execution of research with particular attention to data analysis to arrive at indisputable findings, conclusions, and generalizations. Studying this book endows you with the requisite mastery knowledge for personally applying the most appropriate statistical tests accurately, swiftly, effortlessly and pleasurably in situations of data analysis. It is a most clearly written modem and practical book with simple, direct, easy-to-understand and highly motivating information. It presents a fresh approach to the teaching, learning and application of statistics as an exciting field that has very central and robust place in research in particular, and in virtually all spheres of human endeavor. Every user of this book can personally apply IBM SPSS® Statistics skilfully and correctly in analysing different sorts of research data. Get a copy of the book straightaway.

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