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Pornography Addiction in the Emerging Adults: The Role of Social Isolation, Self-Control and Stress Coping


Pornography is a dangerous activity that often eat deep into individual when they are deeply involved. It leads to many challenges and can affect the productivity and lifestyle of individuals. This study explored pornography addiction among emerging adults, focusing on the roles of self-control, social isolation, and stress coping on it. Using a cross-sectional study design, a total of 300 participants, consisting of 200 males and 100 females, with an average age of 22.5, were part of the study. The hypothesis posited that self-control, social isolation, and stress coping would significantly predict pornography addiction. The findings revealed a negative correlation between self-control (r=-.41, p<.05), stress coping (r= -.10, p<.05), and pornographic addiction. The paper concluded there is a significant positive relationship between pornography and social isolation while self -control and stress copping negatively correlated with pornographic addiction. The study recommends implementing self-control and stress coping workshops, fostering social connections, and enhancing mental health support services to effectively address and prevent pornography addiction among university students.

Keywords: Addiction, Pornography, self-control, social isolation, stress coping.

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