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Direct Marketing and Customers’ Patronage of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria


In this research, we looked at the connection between direct marketing and customer loyalty at deposit money banks in Nigeria. The study’s main objective was to investigate the effect of telemarketing, social media, and email marketing on customer loyalty among deposit money bank customers in Nigeria. This study used a cross-sectional survey methodology. To gather primary data, 218 customers of various Nigerian money deposit banks were given a questionnaire using a likert-type scale. We used SPSS 23’s descriptive statistics for data analysis and interpretation. Simple linear regression was used to evaluate the hypotheses. Thus, the findings demonstrated that marketing campaigns using social media, telemarketing, and email substantially enhanced Nigerian deposit money banks’ patronage. The research concluded that deposit banks might benefit from increasing their advertising and customer service presence on social media platforms in order to attract and retain clients and addresses any concerns they may have. Commercial banks should continue to integrate telemarketing into their operations through dedicated customer care lines and short dial codes to accelerate service delivery to customers in order to improve customers’ patronage; and banks should upscale their adoption of the email marketing strategy by using it to deliver customer service, advertise their products to customers and update customers with vital transaction information on their accounts.

Keywords: .direct marketing, Deposit Money Banks, Nigeria, customers’ patronage

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