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The Application of Artificial Intelligence on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Sultanate of Oman Telecommunications Sector


Organizing and sustaining customer relationships is vital to a business in achieving its aims in terms of profit and surviving in a competitive environment. Today’s global market and the rapid progression of technology, particularly the internet and computer, have placed companies in a position where they must use technology to sustain their competitive advantage. Objective of the study is to scrutinize the application of artificial intelligence in customer relationship management in Oman telecommunication sector. Since the implementation of AI in telecommunication sector around the world has an impressive record and success. Therefore, the main objective is to see and prove that AI has brought success in telecommunication sector. This way, telecommunication sector in Oman can also follow the same path and reach the same success. AI has been known to be able to cut cost and increase efficiency. This also will create a competitive level between telecommunication companies in Oman. This will actually further extends to the growth of telecommunication infrastructure in Oman. Based on our research conducted on the topic “The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Relationship Management in the Sultanate of Oman Telecommunication Sector,” our findings show that among the two telecommunication giants in Oman, Omantel is far ahead of Ooredoo in CRM and at the same time far behind the global standards of CRM. Both the companies do not use AI in their CRM. They both know the importance of AI in CRM. Global best practice analysis is a technique in which a company measures the performance of its business processes and activities against world-class companies’ performance, to learn how those companies achieved high performance levels and to adopt the techniques they used. This is precisely the one thing Omantel needs to do as explained above. AI can be used to automate the CRM data warehouse analysis which provides a great starting point for CRM analytics. Data warehouse is a relational database used for query and analysis. This can help both the companies to compare themselves with global standards and make the necessary changes to improve their customer relationships. At the same time, Ooredoo is at a starting point of CRM; the global best practice analysis can help them to turn the odds in their favor. Although Ooredoo will have to wait for AI CRM analysis applications in the data warehouse, till they reach the sufficient level of data in the data warehouse, but they can still make use of AI in other areas. To ensure the successful implementation of AI in CRM, this research suggests that Omani telecommunications companies focus on the following seven recommendations: the first recommendation is to start with small manageable pilot projects, the second recommendation is to align AI initiatives with clear business objectives, The third recommendation is to build a consortium to oversee AI governance, the fourth recommendation is to redesign work processes around AI. AI is a powerful tool for automating and augmenting business processes, the fifth recommendation is to re-skill the workforce, the sixth recommendation is to experiment with different talent models, Unlocking the full potential of AI will likely require Omani telecommunications companies to acquire new talent, the final recommendation is to ensure a robust data strategy.  

Keywords: application of artificial intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM) sultanate of Oman, sector, telecommunications

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