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Generative Artificial Intelligence [GAI]: Enhancing Future Marketing Strategies with Emotional Intelligence [EI], and Social Skills?


The convergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI), Emotional Intelligence (EI), and social skills represents a transformative force in the realm of marketing strategy. The purpose of the study is to explore the intricate synergy between GAI, which leverages machine learning and natural language processing, and the deeply human qualities of EI and social skills. It investigates in general how this alliance has the potential to revolutionize future marketing practices by creating more personalized, emotionally resonant, and ethically responsible strategies.The foundation of this research lies in addressing critical questions facing the marketing industry today. First, the need for enhanced personalization. Second, the creation of emotionally intelligent content. Third, ethical considerations and cross-cultural adaptability. Fourth, long-term effectiveness. Fifth, the dynamic interplay between human marketers and AI.Through an interdisciplinary approach, encompassing fields such as AI, psychology, ethics, and marketing, this study examines in general the state of the art in GAI and EI integration, shedding light on how AI systems can be imbued with the capacity to perceive, understand, and respond to human emotions effectively. It delves into the ethical considerations that must underpin the development and deployment of emotionally intelligent marketing strategies, safeguarding consumer privacy and trust.Furthermore, this research investigates in general the cross-cultural adaptability of GAI-driven marketing strategies infused with EI, recognizing the importance of acknowledging cultural nuances in emotional expression and social norms. It evaluates the long-term efficacy of emotionally intelligent marketing, exploring whether such strategies foster enduring customer loyalty and brand affinity.Finally, this study navigates the evolving landscape of human-AI collaboration in marketing, defining the optimal roles of human marketers and AI systems in strategy development and execution.The goal of this research is to provide practical insights, ethical guidelines, and innovative strategies that enable marketers to leverage the complete potential of GAI in tandem with EI and social skills. The study envisions a future where marketing practices create genuine connections with consumers, encourage meaningful interactions, and drive sustainable business growth in a time marked by technological advancement and changing consumer expectations.


Keywords: Customer loyalty, Emotional Intelligence, Social Skills, generative artificial intelligence, strategic marketing leadership.

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