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Assessing the Effects of Consumer Sales Promotion and Consumer Buying Behaviour in the Telecommunication Industry of Nigeria


The study aims to investigate the effects of consumer sales promotion on consumer buying behaviour in the Nigerian telecommunication industry. 280 customers of the major telecommunication firms in Lagos were conveniently selected to administer questionnaire on. The SPSS version 23 was employed for data analysis. The study’s findings revealed among other things that management commitment, heightened competition, rising advertising cost and the desire to increase sales volumes were the reason why telecommunications firms in Nigeria adopt consumer sales promotion. Additionally, it was also revealed that pilfering of premiums, difficulty in raising the prices of product/service once they were discounted, a great deal of experience is required to execute consumer sales promotion are the challenges found to be associated with the use of consumer sales promotion in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria. Notwithstanding these challenges, majority of these methods were found to impact consumer buying behaviour significantly. On the basis of the findings, the study, recommends that telecommunication firms should focus on using the consumer sales promotion methods such as buy-one-get-one-free and price discount as an effective marketing strategy to topple the competition and to increase sales. However, since management’s commitment is vital in making the consumer sales promotion successful, the firms should get management committed to the marketing strategy. Given that the cost of advertising is on the rise, the strategy can save the firms some money. Also, since the use of consumer sales promotion is associated with some intricate challenges, the telecommunication managers should tread cautiously when considering the strategy. Management should consider people with expertise or well-vexed individuals to execute this strategy to reduce pilfering of premiums, mal-redemption and to be able to adjust price once the promotion is over

Keywords: Consumer Behaviour, Consumer sales promotion, Telecommunication

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