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Factors Influencing Banana Growers to Purchase Water-Soluble Fertilizers in Trichy District, Tamil Nadu


A solid form of fixed fertilizer composition is water-soluble fertilizer in the form of a water solution. Rather than granulated fertilizers, it contains free-flowing small particles that dissolve quickly in water. It is quickly absorbed by plants and has a noticeable effect within a few days. Water-soluble fertilizers have a better efficiency than granular fertilizers. The current study was done in Trichy districts since there were more banana growers available, and the farmers were chosen using a multi-stage purposive sampling technique. The information was gathered from 120 banana growers in the Lalgudi, Thottiyam, and Manaparai areas of the Trichy district. Water-soluble fertilizer adopters (60) and non-adopters (60) are represented among the 120 farmers. The factors that influence farmers’ use of water-soluble fertilizer were studied using principal component analysis. To identify factors, the principal component analysis is used. Influence by social groups, marketing effectiveness and awareness, link with association and firm, and past experience and availability of the product were discovered to be the four main component variables in the study.

Keywords: Influencing Factors, Principal Component Analysis, and banana growers., water-soluble fertilizers

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