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Litho-Lineament Mapping of Rocks in Ila Orangun Area Southwestern Nigeria Using Remote Sensing and Aeromagnetic Data: Implications for Mineral Exploration


Ila Orangun is located north of Okemesi and falls within latitudes 7054l and 8000l N and longitudes 40 53l and 50 00l E respectively. Field studies revealed six lithological units in the study area namely quartzites, granites, granite gneiss, porphyritic granites, amphibolite schist and pegmatites. The aim of the research is to elucidate the geology and structure as well as evaluate the metallic mineral potentials of the study area. An integrated multi-technique study approach was adopted for reconnaissance survey and structural interpretation which involved the use of acquired remotely sensed satellite imageries such as Landsat-8 OLI, shuttle radar topographic Mission, Radar Sentinel-2A and a geophysical method involving the use of aeromagnetic data.  Results obtained from interpretation of remote sensing data was used to produce different lineament maps which displayed fractures of varying lengths and trend dominantly in the NE-SW directions and subsidiary fractures also orientate in the NW-SE, E-W and N-S directions. Results from the stereographic projection plots showed that the dominant orientation of foliation planes is in the NE-SW direction with the NE and SE sections of the study area recording the highest cluster of the foliation planes. Hence, the eastern section spotted as the mineralization zone.

Keywords: Aeromagnetic data, Brittle, Ila Orangun, Remote Sensing, lineament

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