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Spatial Pattern and Distribution of Malaria Cases in Owo Local Government Area, Nigeria


This study investigates the spatial pattern and distribution of malaria cases in Owo Local Government Area, Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling technique was used, such that 50% of the 7 urban political wards were selected. The selected 4 urban political wards comprise of 12,466 household heads. Also, 10% of the 127 rural settlements were randomly selected making 14 rural settlements with 9,095 household heads. In all, 1.5% of the total household heads, comprising 187 in the urban areas and 136 in the rural settlements were interviewed using systematic random sampling techniques. A secondary data source obtained from relevant healthcare facilities was used for spatial analysis. Specifically, 59 selected residential settlements were used as the input feature class, while the records on malaria cases in each residential settlement during the reviewed year serve as the input field for the analyses. Spatial statistical functions provided by ArcGIS 10.8 and Geospatial tool are utilized for data analysis. Findings revealed preponderance of malaria within the urban core area of Owo. This can be attributed to inadequate wastewater management, poor waste disposal methods, and inadequate environmental education and awareness. On the other hand, malaria cases in rural areas were relatively low due to the use of alternative disease treatment methods. To ameliorate these challenges, there is a need for improved access to a safe and high-quality environment, implement suitable sanitation facilities and solid waste disposal methods, promote community-based educational initiatives and awareness campaigns, and encouraging hygienic behaviors. Through these, the health challenges of malaria can be mitigated.

Keywords: Disease, Distribution, Health, Settlement, Spatial Pattern

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