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Climate-Based Land Engineering Model for Management Sustainable Agriculture in Banten Province


Development in Banten Province leads to industrial and agricultural development. The increase in the number of industries has implications for the reduction of agricultural land, so that in certain areas there is contact between industry and agricultural land. To maintain the rate of increase in the two developments, a climate-based regional mapping is carried out, while to maintain the productivity of the land around the industrial area, land engineering is carried out. The method for land mapping uses astronomical limits and climatic conditions for each region, while land engineering is carried out by creating intermediate land which functions to sterilize pollutants from industry. Furthermore, to increase agricultural productivity, a climate change-based cropping pattern is implemented. The results of climate-based regional mapping show that Pandeglang and Lebak districts have the potential for agriculture, while Cilegon City and Tangerang Regency have the potential for industry.

Keywords: Agricultural Productivity, Climate, astronomical boundaries, land engineering, regional mapping

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