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Implementation of Eulerian Paths based on the model of the Chinese postman: Application to the problems of garbage collection in the streets of the City of Kananga


Graph theory today plays a very important role in modeling and solving many problems. The complexity of this subject is considerable, especially since we must speak at the same time of the Chinese postman and the Eulerian journey. If it remains true that the concern is the search for the path which minimizes the cost, we understand that it will be imperative for us to glean from Fleury’s algorithm, without failing to lead to the possible conditions for the realization of Euler’s dreams. On the city of Kananga, whose road network is more than complex in the tangle of its arteries? In this article we seek to see how we can solve the problem of garbage collection by going through each intersection once and only once, thus minimizing cost and time.

Keywords: Application, Chinese postman, Implementation, Kananga., Model, city, eulerian path, garbage, pickup, problem, street

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