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Enhancing Security in Residential Building through Architectural Approach: Improving Building Occupants’ Safety through Additional Security Measures


Insecurity is a crucial challenge confronting the Nigerian nation in recent time with dire consequences of deaths, vandalisms and reversals of developmental strides. This had left many homeless, traumatized and several communities deserted in search of safer habitations. Residential buildings being homes that hold valuables of people and cocoons offering shelter had been targets of perpetrators of insecurity which often takes the forms of stealing, banditry, kidnapping, farmer-herder clashes, terrorism and militancy. The various reports on insecurity suggested that there is a correlation between the architecture of buildings and safety of its occupants when they are confronted with security challenge. This spurs the study to explore how best architectural strategies can be deployed to enhance safety of building occupants. The study area was Lokoja, a city in North central Nigeria where many had suffered insecurity in their homes. A total of 122 questionnaires were circulated among different categories of home-users to obtain data for analyses which provided answers to the various research questions of the study. Finally, SPSS statistical tool was used for the descriptive statistical survey conducted to reveal the study’s findings such as the need for additional security measures by respondents and a proof of significant association between the nature of security challenge and knowledge of building design.In conclusion, the study showed that insecurity will continued to be a trendychallenge among the home owners in the light proliferation of firearms and high rate of unemployment in the country.

Keywords: Insecurity, Movement, Residential Buildings, Safety Measures, building units

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