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A Study of the Use of Computer –Mediated Language Learning on Oral English Pedagogy in Oyo State, Nigeria


This paper examines the use of Use of Computer –Mediated Language Learning In Oral English Pedagogy in Oyo State, Nigeria through the theoretical foci of Herring’s(2011) Computer- mediated Language Teaching and Nelson’s (2011) Intelligibility in ESL in World Englishes. Questionnaires were administered among 300 students and 30 teachers from 15 purposively sampled secondary schools from 5 geo-political zones of Oyo State. Respondents were gathered through stratified-random sampling technique. Method of data analysis was through simple percentage statistical tool. The findings revealed that there was scarcity of digital gadgets to teach Oral English in Oyo State secondary schools, pedagogy of Oral English is done through improvisation in Oyo State, the pedagogy of the English language in Oyo State schools occurs in an unconducive environment, and the use of digital tools in teaching oral and other aspects of English is bedeviled by epileptic power supply. It was recommended that government, philanthropist and non-governmental organizations should team up to equip Oyo State secondary schools with automated gadgets to teach Oral English in Oyo State secondary schools so as not only to make learners speak English that is mutually acceptable among Nigerians and internationally intelligible, but also to develop learners’ performance in English in external examinations.

Keywords: Oyo State secondary schools, computer-mediated language teaching, intelligibility in English, meaning construction, oral English pedagogy

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