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Foreign Language Teaching/Learning Under the Influence of New Didactic Factors


The teaching/learning of foreign languages is now under the influence of technologies of information as in every field of life. Didactic materials are increasingly digitized and we have passed the period of connectivism in the teaching field (David Villacres. 2016). It is claimed that the new technologies in this field have made the teaching and learning process more efficient, simpler, easier and faster, but what prompted us to take a closer look is exactly which aspect of teaching of a foreign language, reading and writing skills, these characteristics of the use of TICE affect more or if it has the same impact in all of them. For the purpose of this study, the results of two groups of first-year bachelor students of the faculty of foreign languages who study French as a second foreign language were analyzed. The groups have an equal number of students and in the A level in French. Group 1 is defined as the group where “classical” teaching is applied where TICE is not used and group 2 where TICE is the main basis of the didactic tools used. Their results were analyzed in terms of reanding and writing skills, acquisition of grammar rules as well as active participation in class. The statistical method spss and googleforms were used for data processing.  In data results, it was found that the use of TICE in the classroom has a greater impact on active participation in the classroom. Also, from their answers, it was noticed that the methodology used is not essential for their success, but rather the role of the teacher in this process.

Keywords: TICE, didactic materials, foreign languages, teaching-learning, technologies

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