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A Study of the Applicability and Purpose of Students Evaluation of Lecturers in Colleges of Education in Nigeria


The National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) which is the supervisory agency for Colleges of Education in Nigeria in its current Minimum Standards provided an instrument for the evaluation of lecturers by students. This study raised five research questions and hypotheses to address some aspects of the applicability of the NCCE Instrument for Students Evaluation of Lecturers (ISEL). A mixed method approach was used and the sample comprised of 260 students and 48 lecturers from Colleges of Education in Nigeria. The instruments used were ISEL, Students Evaluation of Lecturers in Colleges of Education Questionnaire (SELCEQ) and pre evaluation briefing on ISEL (PREBISEL). Descriptive statistics, T test, χ2 and one way ANCOVA were used to answer research questions and test hypotheses. Findings revealed that students and lecturers agreed that students can objectively evaluate their course lecturers and such evaluation will be useful. It was also established that lecturers whose students score higher marks in their courses receive higher students’ evaluation rating than lecturers whose students score lower marks. Pre evaluation briefing had no significant effect on students’ evaluation of their lecturers. It is recommended that Colleges should put ISEL to full use, and the NCCE should monitor its implementation and emphasize it in accreditation processes. The process of administration and reporting of ISEL should be developed and standardized with consideration for a mixed method approach.

Keywords: Evaluation, briefing., high achievement courses, low achievement courses, pre-evaluation

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