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Vastness of Higher Education Development Programme on Enhancing Quality and Sustainable Service Delivery by University Graduates in the Northern Zone Tanzania


Quality, resilience, commitment and sustainable delivery of services has increasingly being a demand for every community in the world. The 21st century has identified the kind of skills that need to be embraced by every individual for one to deliver quality, sustainable and descent work. In response, Tanzania launched the Higher education Development Programme (HEDP) to ensure the attainment of this fundamental objective. This study therefore investigated the vastness of HEDP on enabling quality and sustainable service delivery among university graduates. The study tested two hypotheses. The CIP1P2I evaluation model guide this study. The study employed Convergent design under mixed research approach. The target population for this evaluation study was 18,601 respondents selected from eight (8) Universities in the Northern Zone Tanzania. The target population comprised of 5,118 final year bachelor degree students, 483 lecturers, 8 DVC-academics, 12,292 alumni and 100 employers. The sample was 697 which comprised of 511 final year Bachelor degree students; 48 lecturers; 4 DVC academics; 124 alumni and 10 employers. The sampling techniques included stratified random, purposive sampling techniques and automatic inclusion. Data was collected by using questionnaires, indepth interview guides and document analysis guides. Quantitative data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics where frequencies, percentages, and means were determined. Qualitative data was analyzed through transcription of the texts, generate themes, interpreting, discussion and making conclusions. The study found that, most alumni couldn’t deliver quality and sustainable service as needed by their community. The study concluded that, HEDP has not adequately brought about tangible implications on the quality and sustainability of graduates and thus quality of higher education system is questionable. It was recommended that, universities should reform curriculums that emphasize on acquisition of soft-skills that may enable graduates deliver quality and sustainable services rather than traditional emphasis on academic achievement.

Citation:  Mbua F.M., Salema V., & Mandila T. (2022) Vastness of Higher Education Development Programme on Enhancing Quality and Sustainable Service Delivery by University Graduates in the Northern Zone Tanzania, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 14, 30-54

Keywords: 21st Century., HEDP, Soft Skills, decent work, quality and sustainable service

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