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Using CRT-Based Forums to Develop Self-Efficacy of Secondary EFL Teachers’ In Kuwait


The aim of this study was to assess the impact of critical reflective thinking (CRT)-based forums in developing EFL teachers’ self-efficacy in Kuwait. Subsidiary aims of the study include: ascertaining EFL teachers’ perceptions of their own teaching skills and motivation strategies both before and after CRT-based forums implementation. The quasi-experimental research design was seen to be the most appropriate for fulfilling the aims of the study. Data were collected over two phases. At the pre-intervention phase data were collected via two instruments. These were (1) Self-Efficacy Scale for Teaching Skills (SESTS) and (2) Self-Efficacy Scale for Motivation Strategies (SESMS).  To assess the impact of CRT-based forums at the post-intervention phase, participants were asked to respond to the same scales in addition to a self-reflection form that asked them to articulate their reactions and assessments of the professional development experience they participated in. Participants’ responses to both scales were analyzed quantitatively whereas their responses to the self-reflection form were analyzed qualitatively. The study participants were 93 female secondary school EFL teachers in Kuwait. They belonged to fairly common academic, social and cultural backgrounds. The CRT-based forums addressed thinking maps as a teaching learning strategy that could be successfully implemented in EFL contexts. Analysis of data indicated a positive impact of the CRT-based forums on developing female secondary school EFL teachers’ self-efficacy as for their own language teaching skills and motivation strategies. Findings of the study were discussed and a set of implications and recommendations were highlighted. 

Keywords: Critical-Reflective Thinking (CRT), Language Teaching Skills, Motivation Strategies, Self-Efficacy, Thinking Maps

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