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Predictive Powers Of Social Skills on Oral Presentation Skills of Master of Education Students in University of Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria


The study explored the predictive power of social skills subscales of social expressivity, (SE) social sensitivity (SS), social control (SC), emotional expressivity (EE), emotional sensitivity (ES) and emotional control (EC) on oral presentation skills of 231 Master of Education (M.Ed) students. The study was guided with 2 research questions and 2 null hypotheses which were tested at 0.05 alpha level. The sample of 231 M.Ed students was drawn using multi-stage sampling method via purposive and accidental/sampling technique. Collection of data was done using two instruments tagged students’ social skills assessment scale (SSSAS) and students’ oral presentation skills assessment scale (SOPSAS). Using Cronbach Alpha method, the Internal consistency coefficients obtained for the subscales of SSAS are 0.82, 0.73, 0.78, 0.77, 0.78 and 0.81 respectively for SE, SS, SC, EE, ES and EC while the overall SSSAS had an internal consistency of 0.81 and the SOPSAS had 0.87. The SSSAS was administered using direct-delivery approach while SOPSAS was used as observation tool during the students’ seminar/proposal defense. Daata collected were analysed using stepwise multiple linear regression analysis. It was found that SC, SE, EE, EC and SS jointly and independently made significant prediction on oral presentation skills of students’ at the exclusion of ES. It was also found that the hierarchical order of social skills predictive power is SC > SE > EE > EC > SS > ES, Following the findings, recommendations and conclusion were drawn.

Keywords: Emotional Control and Oral Presentation Skills., Emotional Expression, Emotional Sensitivity, Social Control, Social Expressivity, Social Sensitivity, Social Skills

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